Wonderland Collectief/ Makiko Ito

Makiko Ito is a choreographer and dancer from Japan. With Wonderland Collective she creates interactive performances with young children. In her work she collaborates with musicians who play an essential role in the interaction with the audience.
The shows of Wonderland Collective are based on a special improvisation technique, that makes every performances unique. The beauty and power of Makiko Ito is her strong communication with young children, who are touched by her and really are enjoying the performances.

“The attentive adoration of the infants raises the level of BB above the level of ‘just a gag”. 

– Annette Embrechts in de Volkskrant –


An extraordinary interactive dance- and music experience for the youngest children. In a clown-like magical play full of music the dancers and the musicians improvise together and are walking around. They roll, slide, jump and surround the audience with sounds. Together they improvise to any of the movements and sounds the young audience might produce. A touching unique dialog between performers, babies and toddlers comes to life before your eyes.


Playing period
Anytime, if available
For infants between 6 and 18 months and adults
Interactive dance and live music
30 minutes
Floor space
Flat floor, scene on stage, min 8 x 8 meters, children and parents are seated on stage on small pillows or a mat
BB is a Language No Problem-performance

Direction/ choreography
Makiko Ito
Michael Schumacher/ Sylvain Meret, Makiko Ito
Felicity Provan (trompet/zang), Nina Hitz (cello)
BB is created in co-production with Festival 2 Turven Hoog

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