Judith de Klerk

GroepRood is the theater group of mime artist Judith de Klerk. GroepRood makes performances for young children. Her representations focus on the visual power of object and movement. The basic principle of the company is that children look through the story and listen with their own imagination. This way they are included in the journey of the show. In recent years GroepRood has made the shows Waiting, waiting, waiting, Blooming Desert and Whole Year Round.


Paper and Bass

Hey, there’s a big piece of paper there. What should I do with that? If I roll it up, I have binoculars. And what if I …. maybe I will fit in myself? Hellup, I’m disappearing !!

Paper and Bass is one big journey of discovery by mime player Judith de Klerk with all kinds of paper formats. With this simple material she creates a paper world with a lot of humor. She takes the audience on her journey of discovery and invites us to dive into her own fantasy. Renato on the double bass provides funny commentary and creates a pleasant atmosphere with his deep sounds. Afterwards the children can experiment with the paper themselves.


Playing period
2019/2020, 2020/21
From 2 – 6 years and adults
Mime/ visual theatre + live music
30 min + 10 min interactive play
Floor Space
min 6 m (b) x 6 m (d) + space for audience.

Judith de Klerk
Judith de Klerk
Renato Ferreira
Jan Langedijk

Sanne Kerkhof

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