Jasmin Hasler

Jasmin Hasler is from Austria, studied textile and landscape architecture and after roaming the world ended up in Holland to study Theatre at the HKU. During this last study she developed a great love for sensory, physical and imagery theatre. [www.jasminhasler.com]



There is a man. He likes to walk around inside himself. He lives in a house full of jars. Jars to discover. Each jar is a world. Would you like to come in? And what if it turns out there is an outside world? A sensory discovery show for everyone that likes to open jars.

Kajetan Uranitsch was born outdoors in a roman amphit-theatre in Gaeta, where he´s got his name from and was predestined to later follow the performing arts. After studying environmental sciences at BOKU Vienna and CZU Prague, he started to train in contemporary dance and theater in Vienna. In 2016 he graduated at the Academy for Theater and Dance in Amsterdam (AHK) and since then he works freelance as performing and producing artist for various companies in Austria and the Netherlands, also focusing on young audiences. He played in the show “If you run hard enough, nobody knows where you are” at Theater Artemis, which was distinguished with the prize VSCD mime 2016.


Playing period
Ask availability
From 1,5 – 4 years and adults
Mime/ Objecttheatre
30 minutes
Floor space
Flat floor, small space, 8 x 8 m, audience is seated on stage in a tent
Potjesman is a Language No Problem-performance

Jasmin Hasler
Kajetan Uranitsch
Sound design
Tanaquil Schuttel
Jakob Proyer
Artistic advice
Ingrid Wolff & Anne-Beth Schuurmans
with Festival 2 Turven Hoog

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