Anne-Beth Schuurmans & Elian Smits

Anne-Beth Schuurmans is specialized in dance/ performance for todlers and made the successful performances ‘Moestuin’ (2012), ‘Little Wonder’ (2016), ‘Carried by the wind” (2017) and the installation performance ‘Berg’ (2017). Together with Marie-Rose Mayele, she forms the Cie sQueezz platform. They make remarkable dance theater and rich experiences for the whole family. Both have earned their spurs with a variety of projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Elian Smits is a stage designer and autonomous artist. She is a designer for both set and costume for theater / music theater and dance. Her work is on a border between visual art and theater. For more info on the artists:,
STIP IT is developed in the project “Jong Beginnen” of Festival 2 Turven Hoog, the most important festival in Holland for young children. The premiere was at this festival in april 2018.
A [Cie sQueezz] [Elian Smits]

““With dance, music and materials Anne-Beth takes the children on a journey. All the senses are stimulated, she challenges the todlers to use them. An unique experience for them, which you don’t see very often in the theater.”. 

– Sara Vesseur, programmeur Theater Dakota –

Stip it

STIP IT starts with a 20 minutes performance by the artists, after which the audience is invited to join the performers. Artists and audience meet in a theatrical encounter. Together they explore and create a picturesque and welcoming landscape. With their loving presence, Anne-Beth and Elian create a beautiful atmosphere on stage in which the children feel completely free and anything can arise.
The artists developed their performance in kindergardens across Holland and worked with children, their teachers, as well as the children’s parents. They both did and do a lot of research on how to make theater for the very young. They discovered that is it essential to make real connection with the children and make them part of what you want to communicate on stage.


Playing period
For everyone from 2 years
Performance with dance and visual objects
45 min
min 6 x 8m

Anne-Beth Schuurmans & Elian Smits
Anne-Beth Schuurmans
Image an design
Elian Smits
Music/ soundscape
Tessa Zoutendijk
Festival 2 Turven Hoog i.s.m. Cie sQueezz en Beeld Instituut Smits.
Artistic advice
Ingrid Wolff
Moon Saris

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