Wonderland collectief/ Makiko Ito

Wonderland Collective is a collective of musicians and dancers under the creative direction of Makiko Ito, a choreographer and dancer from Japan. Makiko Ito: “With our Wonderland performances we focus on the creativity of the children instead of approaching them as passive consumers like you would do in ‘normal’ performances.” More information: www.wonderland-wonderland.com


Wonderland Collectief

The dancers and musicians of the Wonderland Collective invite the children to participate on stage in a theatrical adventure. They will provoke the curiosity and creativity of the children using special improvisational techniques. A unique show will emerge that might start in front of the audience, but will soon be played in tandem with the audience. Wonderland is an extraordinary experience for both children as well as their parents. A delightful party on stage!


Playing period
Anytime, ask availability
Everybody from 2 years
Interactive performance with live music and dance
about 40 minutes
Floor space
flat floor, scene on stage, indoor and outdoor, with or without lightning
Wonderland is a Language No Problem-performance

Direction/ dance
Makiko Ito
The composition and number of dancers and musicians varies.

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